Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6th 2011

We took out a 4 foot section in the kitchen/dining room area to help open up the floor plan. Despite creating a ton of work, it ended up being a blessing. Two of the galvanized plumbing connections were in the process of disintegrating. The joints did blow out when the furnace quit and we found out 5 days later! Luckily we had the water off, when the pipes thawed we found the leaks before we turned the water on, the small pressure left in the system had popped open the corroded fittings .

All that to say, we replaced all the plumbing and rerouted most of the electrical that was going through that wall (it was extensive). Sheila, Brad and Liz have been getting the upstairs all ready to move in. We ordered carpet for the house and that should be in, in 3 weeks. Next up is to button up the kitchen area with sheetrock and then kitchen/dining room floors.

Bottom picture is the dining room opened up, not finished.