Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm gonna say that I haven't updated the blog, because we've been to busy to blog. Sheila and I have been putting in more time lately trying to get done by the end of June. The carpet should be installed in less then 2 weeks and then we can get the wood floor in. Except for the Kitchen, almost the whole upstairs (minus the flooring) is ready. We have been doing a lot of work outside now that the weather is nice. I was telling Sheila yesterday that I don't feel like I get much done, but then you look at what I did in 4 hours yesterday, I guess I did. I installed the ceiling fan in the master bedroom, finished the trim in the master bathroom, bedroom, main bath. Installed the small window in the garage. Not in order, but I moved about 2 yards of dirt around for Sheila' planter and low spots. Chain-sawed some of the front pine tree, Oak tree and Maple tree in the back. I'm sure there were some other misc. things. So stuff is getting done, but a little here, a little there. I told Sheila last night, I'd like to go room by room and get them finished so I can say that room is all done!!!!!

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